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Fujita Rei

Current Mood: sad sad

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This is entitled " I LOVE YOUR SMILE" because when I was drawing this that song was playing in my head.
This was inspired from Kouji -san yesterday.

Thank you for bringing me along to visit Kenken.

Kenken, I hope you feel better. ^^

Current Mood: accomplished

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Wallpaper for Date Kouji, CLICKETY CLICK!!
Size 1024x768

Here's a preview of the wallpaper I made today while waiting for Kenken to call me about our next photoshoot. But apparently the dude is sick so I had nothing to do. A few days ago I met his friend, Date Koji who is the cutest nicest and sweetest and Sexiest.   boy ever. He came with Kenta when we were gonna choose the frames we want for our portfolio. Kenta, thanks for introducing me to Kouji. He's really cool.

Aside from that, I have a few pics to show later from me,sato and Kenken's Arena Act 12 shoot. They still have to send me the files. but please be patient. I hope Kouji to see it too.

Current Mood: hopeful hopeful

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